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hebro®printclean KR Antistatic cleaner that prevents short-term recontamination. Suitable for many different surfaces of office equipment and furnishings (computer housings, keyboards, enclosures, furniture, window frames, roller blinds, Venetian blinds)   x pdf pdf
hebro®printclean WR Special-purpose cleaner for removing ink ribbon abrasion, paper dust, oil, grease, etc. on platen rolls for printers, photocopiers, typewriters etc. Roughens the surface of rollers to enable optimum paper feed.   x pdf pdf
hebro®printclean GR Glass plate cleaner. Protects surfaces against rapid recontamination, has an antistatic and at the same time repellent effect.   x pdf pdf
hebro®printclean BR Antistatic, smear-free cleaner for dirt attractive due to static, greasy contamination and nicotin. Specially formulated for monitor screens, TFT screens, glass surfaces, glass filters, lenses, mirrors, plexiglas surfaces, microfilm readers and photocopier lens systems   x pdf pdf
hebro®printclean TR Cleaner for removing toner residues on rubber, metal, silicone and glass surfaces on photocopiers, laser printers, conveyor belts, cover mats and housings.   x pdf pdf

A: Aerosol can
L: Loose
TS: Technical specifications
SDS: Safety data sheet