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hebro®chemie –
Zweigniederlassung Rockwood Specialties Group GmbH
Registered Office: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Registration Court: Amtsgericht Frankfurt am Main, Registration No.: HRB 57924
VAT No.: DE814031096

Board of Management: Christophe Cazabeau, Knut Hoffmann

Rostocker Str. 40

41199 Mönchengladbach

Phone: +49 (0)2166 6009-0

Fax: +49 (0)2166 6009-99


Company represented by: Knut Hoffmann

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water treatment: 505176828; pipette: 355444207; lubricants and metalworking fluids: gettyimages 121026528; portfolio (slider): detackification (site detackification); water treatmnet (site water treatmnet); lubricants and metalworking fluids (Site lubricants and metalworking fluids); maintenance & repair (site maintenance & repair); surface technology (site surface technology); cleaning and care products (site surface technology); truck: 24214285; collage: cleaning and care products: 942247792; truck: 24214285; pipette 355444207; paint: 197840690; water treatment: 505176828; stairs 182451719; animatic: video 1217857748, uuoott; site products: lubricants and metalworking fluids gettyimages 121026528, water treatment: 505176828; lubricants and metalworking fluids: gettyimages 171577771; coolant treatment: 185665781; cleaning and care products: 942247792; site detackification: video: 473195799, svengine; paint: 197840690; site water treatment: video: 473317129, Korovin; water treatment 505176828; coolant treatment: 185665781; site lubricants and metalworking fluids: video: 482746711, CRC_Studio; lubricants and metalworking fluids gettyimages 121026528; site surface technology: video 1193865094, SpockTV; metal roof: 607593268; cleaning and care products: 942247792; site maintenance and repair: video: 665801234, GoldenMike; site downloads: video: 875961310, hh5800; site careers: hero und contact: 182451719; trainee: 503244805; employees hebro: 468981872; employees distribution: 475069301; site contact: collage like start site, maps OSM open source; site shop: link product category surface technology: 607593268; link product categoriy accessories: 170169353;

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Photography: Christa Henke
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