hebro chemie offers a wide range of accessories aimed at simplifying work processes and optimising the use of
hebro coolants and the taking of measurements.


Coolants > accessories
Name Description
Mixer enables premixed emulsion to be added
Skimmer available as a belt or disk skimmer for removing floating oil from the surface
pH diagnostic dipsticks for determining pH-value in aqueous solutions and coolant emulsion
Overall hardness dipsticks for determining overall hardness
Nitrite/nitrate indicator strips for determining the nitrate value of batch water and the nitrite value of the emulsion
Refractometer optical measuring instrument for quick and easy verification of the coolant concentration in the emulsion
Oil-absorbent pads absorbs oil spills
Bacteria tester indicator strips for determining contamination from bacteria, yeasts and fungi
Control charts for easy recording and documentation of data in accordance with legal requirements such as TRGS 611
Biocide test determines the biocide content in selected coolants
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