Either keep getting better or you’ll stop being good. This is why it is our declared objective to optimise our services continuously to
guarantee our proximity to the customer and assure customer satisfaction at the highest achievable level.

And you, as a hebro customer, can play a key part in this process.
We often hear your suggestions and stories of your numerous experiences with our products. This is just the information we
need to give us a guideline for continuing to grow - together with you and your business.

To help us put this into practice, we would like to ask you to make a small contribution. Filling in this
questionnaire will only take about five minutes and you can even win a prize. Just evaluate your experience
with hebro chemie using the matrix below. Among all the entries received, we will draw two sets of two
tickets for the top German football league every three months.

Any information you provide will, of course, be treated confidentially and in line with applicable data protection legislation.
Many thanks in advance for your contribution.

Field 1 stands for "fully agree",
Field 6 stands for "do not agree at all"“.

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